Yoga Rave! Friday 19th January 2018 7-9pm

Get your sparkle on! You can never have enough yoga, glitter and house music in your life!

2 hours of Yoga to some great house tracks followed by curry and cheeky beers!

Our Yoga Tribe will be having a Tribe Gathering in the new year. New Beginnings, much more reason to celebrate no?

January tends to be a bit drab it’s cold and bleak, most of us are worn out from the Raga’s, Dvesha’s and Parigraha of Christmas (our attachments to it being a certain way or our struggle to avoid it all when it’s all around us and clinging to the false knowledge that we must buy up and hoard of all the stuff that none of us really need or want anyway.) Tiring!! But hey by January we can shake it all off… and what better way to do that than a Yoga Rave!!!

I will be holding a 2hr Yoga session to some classic and great house tracks many of which carry subliminal messages to trust, to believe in yourself, to not fear to love.

Friday 19th January 2018 7-9pm
Dress Code: Glitter and Body Paint a MUST – no excuses guys!

Entrance to this event requires that you get your sparkle on. The most glitter and sparkle on yourself and your outfit the better!! Body Paint also an option as we hope to have ultraviolet lights for this event. No excuses guys, get some glitter in that beard of yours

The Yoga

From 7pm until 9pm we’ll be enjoying 2 hours of uplifting yoga to amazing house tracks – guaranteed to fill you with love, trust, and belief in yourself at the Our Yoga Tribe Studio, Moorside, Colchester.

The Food

From 9pm we’ll be heading to The Three Wise Monkeys, High Street, Colchester for delicious veggie curry and if you fancy, a couple of cheeky beers to toast the New Year.

What’s included in the price

This event costs £35 and includes entry to the Yoga Rave and the Curry at Three Wise Monkeys.

How To Book

You can book via the booking page, or our very own Glofox app. the Rave is under COURSES. If you are yet to download the app – it is super easy! Watch the video tutorial here.

Or feel free to  get in touch or give me a call on +44 7811 112 096

Namaste’ & Love

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may be interested.

Faye xx

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