The Practice of Yoga

Yoga is a transformative practice that starts with physical well-being, but for many, evolves into a profound inner journey. As we move and breathe, hidden tensions surface and dissipate, revealing a harmonious connection between body and mind, and a path to self-discovery and emotional freedom.

Self-Discovery and Emotional Freedom

Many students are brought to yoga initially because of the physical benefits, wanting to look good and feel good and for many that’s enough for some however, shifts begin to occur where the student starts to hear more of what their guide is saying other than just the physical cues.

Everything we do, think speak and feel has some impact on every cell of our body and it’s human nature that we don’t always get to express those immediately in healthy ways to move past them. Therefore our bodies become like little store houses that hold on to unresolved feelings such as anger, fear, grief, guilt and shame which can become as toxic to our being as a poor diet or drugs and alcohol.

We may firstly begin to notice tension somewhere physically in the body, this may then lead to a physiological observance such as the immune system, nervous system, hormonal system, digestive system issue and so on.

For example initially we might notice some tension in the hips or the lower back & then perhaps an issue arises with the reproductive system or the bladder and the teacher is informing us that these things could be occurring because there is some resistance against something or a want/need to control a certain outcome which hinders the vortex of energy in the pelvis.

The student may not be interested in anything other than the physicals benefits and that’s ok but if they are, then here begins the shift to a level of self enquiry & curiosity around the mind body connection and a greater understanding as to how they can heal themselves on a far greater level than they ever thought possible.

Private Yoga Classes

Whether new to yoga, with an established practice or a teacher looking for mentorship and whether specifically interested in the physical discipline of yoga, wanting to learn how to meditate or rest well or wanting to understand how the ancient texts are relevant to us in our modern day world. I can design a bespoke set of sessions based around that which you wish to engage in.

Yoga & Meditation

Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti translates as liberation whilst living. Bhakti (devotion) is at the heart of this soulful yet progressive sequence of asana (postures) with eclectic playlists threaded together & rooted in shastra (ancient teachings) and how they relate to the modern day yogi(ni) We conclude with meditation practice.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga offers a tranquil retreat from the demands of modern life. Through gentle poses and focused breathing, it invites a release of tension, leading to a deep, nurturing stillness. This practice isn’t about striving, but releasing; not about doing, but being. It’s a pathway to rejuvenation, providing clarity and a renewed resilience to face life’s challenges. Each session is a chance to honor your well-being, nurturing your inner calm. When overwhelmed, the restorative embrace of this practice guides you back to a serene center, ready to navigate life anew.

Hridayakasha Meditation

Human Nature has a natural resistance to a disciplined practice, so I wanted to set up a space where we tackle 2 resistances, rising early and stillness early on in our day so that any other resistances we face throughout the day are surpassed with ease.

Kirtan Yoga

Originating in 6th-century Chennai, Kirtan is a Bhakti movement that spread across India, peaking by the 16th century. Through singing, dancing, and poetry, practitioners express devotion and seek economic justice. Kirtan involves repeating divine names like Kali and Rama, mirroring asana poses’ repetition, aiming to blend love within with life, akin to devotion teachings in the Bhagavad Gita. This practice, shared in communal events, fosters a sense of spiritual unity and timeless love.