Mentorship & Training

I offer Advanced Yoga Teacher Training courses, such as Exploration of the Self and Catur Stambha. These courses are designed to inspire and advance your Yoga practice and explore your infinite potential.

Exploration of the Self
Yoga Teacher Training

A 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course put together to inspire the yogi to begin the exploration of the self, to shine the light of compassion within & to create space in the restless mind of the seeking yogi & to cultivate the ability to hold safe and sacred space for others from the dwelling place of their own uniqueness.

Catur Stambha Mentorship

A 4 Month Mentorship for Advanced Practitioners & Teachers.

This Teacher Training program very much covers intellectual knowledge, however, there is very little space on that journey for experiential knowledge, this is what this 4 month program is all about, dropping into personal sadhana (practice) and svadyaya (self enquiry) tapping in to the well spring of consciousness that holds infinite potential and seeing how that translates out into our lives.