All About Faye

Faye is a highly experienced 5000+ hour Yoga Elder with over 10,000 hours teaching and over 2000 hours of study.

She runs yoga sessions, teaching and retreats all around the UK.

Faye Shekhar’s History

My name is Faye Shekhar, I have been in the fitness industry through varying rolls of instructor, fitness/studio manager and personal training coordinator which created a firm foundation for my holistic journey. I began studying Pilates in 2003 & in 2007 I began my first Yoga Teacher Training.

I consider myself a forever student of yoga, embarking on a continuous journey of personal exploration and study alongside some of the world’s foremost teachers. This ongoing pursuit has deepened my comprehension and intensified my fascination with the profound transformative capacities that a comprehensive yoga practice holds for every facet of our being.

Yoga found me at a time in my life when I was grieving a life I had envisioned that was then dissolving. Although I joined my first class thinking it would be good for me physically I was curious about why I deeply cried at the end of almost every session I took with that first teacher.

Yoga gave me a sense of belonging that I felt I had lost and so in 2007 following 2yrs of practice I began my first 200hrs of yoga teacher training with The Life Centre in London.

In 2008 I studied vinyasa yoga 200hrs with Claire Missingham & Lorin Roche’. There after I got to work with many other incredible teachers & scholars such as Shiva Rae, Christopher Tompkins, Sianna Sherman, Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori & Noah Maze’ then in 2008 my focus shifted to the Bhakti lineage & I was lucky enough to study with Nikki Slade & Christopher Wallis.

More recently in 2020 bringing all of what I loved together I decided that Jivamukti was best able to represent me as a teacher housing my passion for Devotion(Bhakti), Compassion (Ahimsa), Ancient Texts (Shastra) Music & Sound (Nada) and Dhyana (meditation) so did my 300hrs NYC with Hachi Yu & Ruth Lauer Manenti. I have now accumulated over 2000hrs of yoga study and am a registered 5000hr Yoga Elder for Yoga Teachers Together having taught over 10,000hrs of yoga.

In 2016 I came across Paul Muller Ortega & again tears would arrive every time I heard him speak. I had the very blessed opportunity in 2020 of initiation to his school in the Kashmir Shaivism Tradition Blue Throat Yoga and have been lucky enough to sit with Paul online many times & have been blessed to work deeply with two of his Archarya’s Sarah Flanders & Natasha Judson.

Experience & Intention

My intention as a teacher is to make sure that my students whether 1-2-1 or in a class environment come to see their May as a haven of safety where they can take the time be with their current experience & use the practices of yoga as tools to cultivate a greater level of awareness that enable us to move through our often chaotic and crazy lives life’s with grace.

I hope to encourage my students to see that the traits, thoughts & emotions that we often see as negative with a curiosity & a willingness instead to engage with, to listen to and ultimately learn from these experiences that may not seem divine, but at their root, of course they are, and are very much still part of the map of life that guides us back to wholeness and act as further gateways for us to walk through in terms of our evolution.

Teacher Values


In the presence of one firmly established in non-violence, all hostilities cease’ Sutra 2:35 This implies those who do not cause harm emit harmonious vibrations.
Non-violent thoughts, words & actions to others first & then to Self.


Truth, Integrity, humility and authenticity.
Fierce practices that are not always pleasant, there is a huge amount of discomfort to pass through at times but liberation always awaits on the other side. Untruth is time-wasting.


Bhakti, or devotion, stands as one of the most elevated, if not the supreme, principles of Yoga. It involves recognizing ourselves as microcosms within a vast macrocosm, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and honoring all facets of our lives as interconnected aspects. Rather than offering reverence to an unknown mythological being, Bhakti encourages us to pay homage to the divine aspects within ourselves—elements we intimately understand and aspire to bring into service. By doing so, we enhance our ability to serve not only ourselves but also humanity as a whole and the planet we call home.


Asana (postures) is a very small part of what yoga is to me. It is hugely important for me to honour the rishi’s, sages & my current teachers that have brought to life the source of what I am teaching. I do that through continuous study of the ancient wisdom of yoga and aim to pass that wisdom on in a way I can that is easy for new & existing practitioners of yoga.