The term “Retreat” originates from the Latin verb meaning “to pull back.” As human beings, we occasionally must withdraw from our daily routines to create space, releasing what no longer serves us. This detox, both physically and mentally, fosters inspiration and creativity. By taking a break from the chaos, we rejuvenate, infusing life with energy and vibrancy. If you sense life’s mundanity and yearn for change, a retreat might be your answer.

Transition Ritual Retreats

‘Transition’ is a process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

These quarterly overnight Retreat Days are in alignment with the vernal equinox which marks the start of spring, and the autumnal equinox which marks the start of fall. The Solstices mark the start of summer and winter & all four of these transitions are said to be the most potent and spiritually transformational times of the year.

For each Retreat we perform specific rituals for that particular time in the cycle to invite and welcome the change that is coming and to stay open through these transitions and natural cycles of life, understanding that the ebb and the flow the expansion and the contraction are all to be acknowledged revered & honoured.

Reclaim Yourself Retreats

I am excited to be collaborating with Reclaim Yourself Retreats. Together we create beautiful experiences in very special places. You can join me on two retreats in 2024:

I’ll be leading a mid-summer Woodland Yoga Weekend near Bath from 12-15 July 2024. Sleep in cosy handcrafted yurts and log cabins, practice plenty of yoga, enjoy the wood fire sauna and lake swims. What more do you need for a perfect woodland weekend?

I’ll also be teaching on a Wild Iceland Adventure 5-10 October 2024. Sleep in stylish cabins on a private farm surrounded by snowy mountains. Our yoga studio has epic views and we spend our days exploring the wilderness – mountain hiking, watching whales in the majestic fjords, soaking in thermal pools and, with any luck, enjoying the magical Northern Lights.