Catur Stambha Mentorship

A devotional & compassionate, yet disciplined enquiry into the nature of ones own Self & the ways in which we can make that shine to ensure this transient moment in this existence, has meaning to ourselves, to those we love & connect with and to our collective family.

Catur Stambha Translates as 4 pillars

Your pillars are the values & characteristics that express & define your unique offering in your every day life.

These pillars give you a clearer view of how you wish to communicate with the world, and to your existing and your potential peers/students.

Throughout this program you will see the weaving of the 4 pillars I have chosen to journey you through catur stambha. Different to my personal pillars as a teacher but relative to this particular journey.

Part of our 121 time together will be us beginning to look at your individual pillars that are a true representation of you and your dharma as light bearer/teacher and how they help you to uphold & to build a cohesive message that builds relationships, and helps to invite the right people/students in to your life.

They are called pillars for purpose. It’s a tough world out there and sometimes we get lost, we see all the different messages out there and somehow believe that maybe we should be doing what ‘they’ are doing or what ‘they’ are talking about. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The ultimate aim of this program is for each individual to access their own innate wisdom, to come back to the individual pillars discovered and they will be your grounding & your support that enables you to think speak and do from what is inside of you, your authentic Self . . . . . . . . and this is Yoga.


This mentorship program above anything, is to draw you back toward your own disciplined practice.

Often we get pulled away from our own practice there are so many distractions, so our first action on this program is to firmly embed ourselves back into a pattern of serving ourselves first in preparation to be of great service to others. We meet every week day morning at 6am for 30 mins – 1 hour to meditate together & to briefly touch on an ancient shastra that you can take in to your own svadyaya. (self study)

You are also invited to deepen many aspects of your practice using the catur stambha monthly tapas tracker in your manual.


Again when we embark on a yoga journey, it can be so easy for our attention to be turned outward and for us to forget to touch stone our own true essence – our lifeblood.

You will be given your very own Catur Stambha manual to work through in your own time. Each month takes on the theme of a particular stambha & we work with various archetypes that are relative to each theme.

The manual offers journaling prompts to spark your investigations around your own pillars & you are invited to record reflections from our meditation & philosophy practices.


I was always puzzled about the tears of longing I felt whenever I heard my meditation teacher speak, then in 2016 I had the epiphany that it was when I was connecting to my true essence & the longing to be in that field of energy full time was the bittersweet longing I had felt for a very long time. I began to understand on a deeper level why the sanskrit (vibrational) language is so very important in terms of our practice & how that also connects us to all that we are beyond the manifest realm.

Throughout this program we recite & sing mantra, set up our own devotional pujas at home & investigate our very own Ishta Deva/Devi.


Shanti Seva translates as Peaceful Service It is in our last month together that we step in to the role of the peaceful activist.

You are asked to consider what your voice has to say to for the voiceless whether that be for nature, groups of people or sentient beings, whether that is locally or globally, what charities or support groups if any that you may like to align with to enhance this voice & what action you are taking to thread a consistent voice through your social media channels, classes and website to raise awareness & to be recognised as an inspiring voice for that which you have a passion and dharma to be of service to. Transformation is key to our individual & collective spiritual practice.

Group Practice

We meet every week day online at 6am obviously there may be the odd day that is missed however you are encouraged to try to make every day so that you build a healthy habit for yourself going forward.

1-2-1 Practice

We meet monthly 1-2-1 either online or in person and these sessions will be bespoke to you and the areas that you either wish to focus upon and or the things that have come up for you through the manual or our group practices together.

Solo Practice

Your daily meditation and shastra practice along side the exercises in the Catur Stambha Manual and our 121 sessions together will spark intrigue and further investigation into your very own Svadyaya.

Preparing the Soil

Daily Mantra of the month/resiting of powerful mantra

  • Embedding myself in a daily devotional meditation practice
  • Daily Upanishad japa monthly philosophy
  • Pranayama
  • Kriyas
  • Meditation

Some of the Daily Journaling Prompts that will assist the direction of 1-2-1

  • My personal understanding of the Upanishad texts
  • Recognising obstacles that hold me back
  • What am I aiming for
    Developing a devotional practice
  • Becoming the peaceful activist what does this look like
  • Understanding the importance of the Voice
  • Knowledge of the blueprint for human fulfillment & how these aspects support me personally and or as a teacher

Watering the Seeds

Ways our 1-2-1 sessions can go

  • Physical Practice refinement
  • Class planning and theming and sequencing
  • Deepening my own svadyaya
  • Refining assists
  • Setting up a new class/enhancing current offerings
  • Adding depth to my life and connections through intellectual and experiential knowledge

Ready to Bloom

Further investigations for home study & 1-2-1’s

  • What are my 4 personal pillars
  • Who am I
  • What do I stand for
  • Branding logo & design brainstorming
  • Social Media design & engagement
  • What do I wish to create for myself going forward
  • Where do I see myself


This is a 100hr program with certification, the next intake begins March 18th 2024.

I hope you will be able to see and feel the amount of devotion I have put into this offering, which is why I am asking that only those ready to devote themselves in the same way apply for this program. It will require a lot of abhyasa (persistent effort) and tapas (discipline) and as we know vairagya (non attachment) of our practice being a certain way but I truly believe the amount of expansion and outward reach we have is most definitely relative to the amount of willingness we have to go deep into the silence of our own selves via the support of our group meditation practice & along side our investigative monthly 1-2-1 sessions. I truly am expecting great things to birth from this yoga mentorship program.


One-off payment


4 monthly payments of £303

Testimonials for Catur Stambha

I was lucky enough to have Faye as my yoga teacher in classes. And in my yoga teacher training, Faye opened me up to a new world and played a huge part in my journey of self discovery, which I will always cherish. The knowledge and wisdom that she shared always had me feeling so grateful to be in her presence. Faye made each and every person feel at peace, comfortable and held at all times. Faye holds so much love and kindness in her heart, and that expands out to all its a big presence I miss.

Abi S

I have been a student of Faye’s for many years. And when I first stepped into her class I knew I had come to a special place.Faye’s yoga asana classes create an environment in which I find that space where I can both honour and care for my body whilst also challenging and strengthening her.Faye’s knowledge of ancient texts is weaved through all her offerings. She makes this wisdom accessible and relevant in today’s world whilst imbuing it with experience and authenticity. I could sit and listen to her for hours – and have done 🙂 Each class, teacher training, retreat, kirtan and online course has really opened my body, spirit and heart. Faye has had a huge impact on helping me find that which lights me up. I am beyond grateful our paths have crossed. I look forward to our ongoing journey together in whichever way this presents itself.

Gabrielle Z

Doing Faye’s mentorship Catur Stambha was an incredible gift in my life.
From the first moment you notice the amount of love and dedication that goes into whatever she does.
What a special human being to have crossed paths with. Faye’s teachings were touching, inspiring and some I will never forget. The experience of waking up early to meditate, breathe and chant together was profound and has helped me discover a passion for Bhakti Yoga, one that I feel I cant live without now and end up sprinkling every Yoga class with some of the wisdom or love that comes from there. Thanks to our mentorship I embarked full on into studying Bhakti, chanting and even learning to play instruments. Our work together has helped me get in touch with my true essence and realise it was time to go after what I was longing for.
Faye is a wise and beautiful teacher who makes you feel comfortable in just being yourself in her presence. I feel like she accepts and loves me with all the shit that I might bring with me. She is calm, sweet yet real and down to earth. She is also great fun to be around. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to dive into any yoga study or experience with her. In a world of so many yoga teachers with inflated egos, finding Faye feels like finding gold.

Cristina L