Hridayakasha Meditation

Human Nature has a natural resistance to a disciplined practice, so I wanted to set up a space where we tackle 2 resistances, rising early and stillness early on in our day so that any other resistances we face throughout the day are surpassed with ease.

Live & Recorded Sessions

8 week Meditation Holding Space

Join me Live or take the recordings to develop a dedicated daily meditation practice.

We meet on weekdays at 5:55 am GMT to practice together. Practices are up to 1hr depending upon the time you have available.

  • Sessions begin with shastra (ancient wisdom)
  • followed by pranayama (breath work) & or
    mantra japa (recitation of mantra)

Each day you decide how long you have after the above practices to then move into dharana & dhyana (single pointed focus & meditation practice), they may be 5 mins some days, or 20 mins on others, so that it fits into your life and where you are at in terms of practice.