Private Classes

Whether new to yoga, with an established practice or a teacher looking for mentorship and whether specifically interested in the physical discipline of yoga, wanting to learn how to meditate or rest well or wanting to understand how the ancient texts are relevant to us in our modern day world. I can design a bespoke set of sessions based around that which you wish to engage in.

What We Can Incorporate Together

  • Asana – postures
  • Pranayama – various ways of breathing to enhance our life source.
  • Meditation – how do we go about building or enhancing this practice
  • Mythical stories – learn about some of the beautiful mythological stories that help us to understand our own consciousness.
  • Subtle Body – understand how our subtle bodies have a direct correlation to our physical bodies, our physiology, and our emotions.
  • Journaling – opportunities for Self enquiry
  • Rituals – to create more depth and meaning using crystals, essential oils, cacao or matcha palo santo or incense.
  • Massage – sacred touch through pressure points and Thai Yoga
  • Massage
  • Mantra – we can take Japa meditation together (repetition of mantra) or kirtan practice