Reclaim Yourself Retreats

Join me for a 3 or 5 day yoga retreat hosted by Reclaim Yourself Retreats. Step away from the hustle and bustle and allow yourself the invaluable opportunity to retreat, restore and reclaim yourself.

Who are Reclaim Yourself Retreats?

Reclaim Yourself Retreats are one of the leading yoga retreat companies in the United Kingdom. Created in 2005, they are industry pioneers, known for finding undiscovered retreat destinations and crafting unforgettable yoga retreats and wellness adventures.

In 2023 they achieved their B Corp certification which reflects their profound commitment to curating sustainable wellness journeys.

Reclaim Yourself trips are not only life-affirming experiences for you, they have a positive impact on the places and people we visit. They work in low impact locations, avoid over touristy places and work with local hosts who are passionate about preserving their environment.

I am deeply proud and grateful to collaborate with them and to contribute to our collective endeavour.