Solar Powered SOULstice Retreat – 22nd June 2019

Welcome fire into you life and burn away the impediments that keep you from being in the state of yoga….

solar powered soulstice retreat

This very special Summer Solstice Retreat Day is an investigation in to Agni (fire) – key to our power and radiance.

If we do not allow these fires to arise and instead immediately cool them down, then the shakti, the potentiality within in us goes down. All forms of unbalanced Agni results in undigested residues (ama) which forms toxins.

Ama is present in all chronic conditions such as blood disorders, skin conditions, allergies & inflammatory conditions.

Come and understand how the combination of

* Our Yoga Practice
* Connecting to nature
* Essential oils

Can work as a powerful combination to avoid or reverse the above conditions.

Saucha In Patanjalis Yoga Sutras is the personal ethic of purification. Through simple but persistent efforts of refinement, these physical and energetic cleansing enable us to tune in once again to our most radiant and powerful self.

Saturday 22nd June 
Same Star Yoga
9.30am – 4.30pm

You can secure your place via the Same Star Yoga booking page here. Alternatively, contact me on +44 7811 112 096

Location: 3 Dedham Vale Business Centre, Manningtree Road, Dedham, CO7 6BL


09.30-11.00 Solar Powered Saucha Flow
11.00-14.00 (By the River weather permitting)
Tea Break
Understanding Agni lecture
Mindfulness Walk
Solar Meditation
14.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Sustaining the fire with Essential Oils
16.00-16.30 Chants for brightness and
Closing meditation

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