Focus of the month: Philosophy of Om – June 2024

Why do we chant Om?

It would be difficult to uncover the full wisdom of this mantra in a life time let alone a few words here, but I hope at least to shine a little bit of light on to it, so that hopefully it can be a more meaningful part of your practice.

We’ve all been there. We sit down with a teacher we’ve not practiced with before and she declares “Ok let’s open with the mantra Om” I can remember my first experience thinking “oh god I feel silly” “am I being initiated in to some cult”, “aaagghhh, I don’t want anyone to hear my voice” “what if I sound like a cat in a fight”. “I’ll never be able to get a depth of sound out like that”. All such normal experiences and also very relevant.

Let me put this idea to you:

When we put ourselves through asana (postures) we are taking the physical body through periodic discomfort in order for the body to become stronger, persistently pushing the boundaries of our limitations.

So when a yoga teacher asks you to chant, one of the things he/she is secretly asking you to do is to push the boundaries of your self imposed ego or a little lighter put; the false constructed self that has formed through years of conditioning.

“Yoga is so much more than just a bunch of postures, when the practice starts to penetrate beneath the surface we begin to understand the importance of moving with the cycles of nature. It is a very important part of my teaching to honour the light and the dark in all aspects of life”

Many of us have the perception that we can’t sing, or that our voice is not worthy of being heard.

We all have a primordial sound longing to be heard it’s just for some of us ‘life’s conditioning’ has got in the way. Just the one comment “you can’t sing” or “be quiet” from someone years ago, is imprint enough for us to lock our voices away forever, never able to tap into the full expression of our being. What if you could begin to step towards your full potentiality in this life, no boundaries to the heart and voice that is completely unique to you. The universe is craving to witness your full flowering so I urge you to step into the difficulty of challenging the ego and to allow the shakti (energy) to come through you with no holds barred, it is the path towards nirvana (liberation) & moksha (freedom).

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Yoga is so much more than just a bunch of postures, when the practice starts to penetrate beneath the surface we begin to understand the importance of moving with the cycles of nature. It is a very important part of my teaching to honour the light and the dark in all aspects of life. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve navigated the darkness of my accident and subsequent rehabilitation had it not been for my practice.

Another reason we chant Om is exactly for that reason, an acknowledgement of the cycles of life.

The three syllables of Om (A,U,M) are related to the hindu trinity brahma, vishnu & shiva, these devas (gods) are representative of consciousness that lies within you of creation, preservation and transformation so at the beginning and end of our practice, we look to stir up those energies, we consider, ‘what is it that I wish to birth & grow out of the actions I take, what is it I hope to sustain and maintain for my well-being & what is it that I need to let go of or transcend for the benefit of myself and collective energy so that we are able remain open fearlessly to consistent movement and change in whatever form, that manifests as.” With practice, we begin to know and trust that even the dark is opportunity for growth if we allow for it to express itself.

Going even deeper in to the vibrational aspect of these sounds, sanskrit is not just words, according to Tantric science, all of the 50 sanskrit letters correspond to 50 root sounds, each with a unique coding of cosmic power to create form, these sounds are located in the chakras (vortex’s of energy within the body)

These root sounds also represent certain bhavas (mental or emotional states) such as anger, love, hate, fear, joy etc. Hence sanskrit is so much more than just words, it is a language that vibrates from within our being. This is why mantras have such a positive effect on the aspirant, it is a linking system of our own individual vibration to source, to the vibration of oneness.

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Pose of the month

Pose – Firefly
Sanskrit – Ṭiṭṭibhāsana टिट्टिभासन
Pronounced – Tee-tee-bah-sah-nah
Type – Arm Balance

tittibhasana yoga pose


Want to learn to fly?

Fireflies glow from within, a rather relevant fact when we begin to understand how much we need to ignite our agni tattva (inner fire element) in order to begin to access this pose.

Expect the application of baddhas (internal locks) that act as buoyancy aids to support our core strengthening practices, hamstring & adductor (back of thigh & inside thigh) lengthening, psoas (hipflexor) strengthening and many many bum plants (bring a cushion) hahaha

This is a posture that requires resilience and perseverance, symbolic representations of the firefly spirit.

Don’t worry!!

In Jivamuti the class is structured so that the body is prepared; stretched, strengthened and opened by visiting the requisite shape and effort in preparatory postures so that our destination posture each month begins to feel more and more accessible over the 4/5 weeks of practice.

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It is impossible to not feel awed by a sparkle of fireflies, they are representative of the magic in all things, we experience a little of that magic in class together.

Firefly spirit speaks to us of the rhythms of life & the cycles of nature trusting in the moments of darkness and remaining steady through periods of great illumination and joy, beautifully linking our posture of the month to the focus of the month.

Mantra of the month

Perseverance for True Potential/Peace

सर्वेषां स्वस्ति भवतु सर्वेषां शान्तिर् भवतु
सर्वेषां पूर्णं भवतु सर्वेषां मङ्गलं भवतु

Sarveṣāṁ svastir bhavatu Sarveṣāṃ śāntir bhavatu
Sarveṣāṃ pūrṇaṃ bhavatu Sarveṣāṃ maṇgalaṁ bhavatu

May there be Well Being in all. May there be peace in all.
May there be fulfilment in all. May there be auspiciousness in all

saprema faye x

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